Kyoto and Osaka in a day! (28-Mar-14)

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Some Kansai updates!

My original plan was to devote Kyoto and Osaka a day each, but I slotted in Koyasan (Okunoin) on my first day.

But surprisingly, Kyoto and Osaka in a day was pretty well aplenty for me! Maybe because I didn't really have a lot of places that I wanna see. In fact the only place that I wanted to visit in Kyoto was the Fushimi Inari Shrine. One reason was because I've been wanting to visit since a long time ago, but another was because of the anime Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.


From the station, just walk straight up and you'll see the shrine

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Back in Singapore!

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Jakarta Day 3!



1) Went back to the Monas just for the carriage horses! 100,000 rupiah for a tour around the place. Thought it was just gonna be a short 5 minute ride but it was like 15-20 minutes. And apparently horses are the king on the roads lor, I should have did president waves.

2) Went to have A&W weee! It’s not called Eh-And-Dabiu in Indonesia. It’s called AH WAY. @.@!!!!

3) Throughout my 3-day trip I’ve been attracting a lot of attention since Day 1. My travelling buddies told me guys kept staring at my legs. But after that I realised it was because girls in Jakarta don’t wear short skirts/shorts due to religion and stuff like that, and I was walking around like nothing’s happening. I usually wear shorts in Batam and everything was okay so it kinda skipped my mind. ><

4) And I only brought shorts.

5) And also I think I got grow fatter leh….

Jakarta Day 2!

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Summary of Jakarta Day 2:



1) Moar and moar local food and ice cream thanks to my local Indonesian friends that brought us around today! ^q^

2) Went for a massage at some super popular place that TripAdvisor recommended. Why are massages always so painful for me. ಥ‿ಥ

3) Went for Nasi Padang dinner! Apparently they just put all the dishes on the table, and at the end of the meal they’ll just charge you for the dishes that you’ve touched only.

4) Skye Bar at night, many foreigners. It’s a bar on the 56th floor. The view’s nice but I don’t really like places with loud music.

5) Almost 4am (Singapore time) now. I should sleep…

Day 1 in Jakarta!

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Short summary of Jakarta Day 1 before I concuss myself on my bed.



1) Felt like I’ve eaten a lot of beef today. Favourite for today was Nasi Uduk Semur Daging!

2) Spent a lot of money cabbing around. But we only took the Blue Bird as recommended.

3) I wanted a ride a horse at the Monas….but it started to rain ಥ‿ಥ

4) Got laughed and jeered by the local Indonesian because we were running under the rain at Fatahillah Square. But they were mainly laughing at me. ಥ‿ಥ

5) Had Turkish food for round one dinner. Signature lamb shanks at Turkuaz with their salty yogurt drink (photo). I like the drink so much I’m going to tell everyone I like my drinks salty from now on.

6) But then again, why did we choose to have Turkish food in Jakarta again? ಥ‿ಥ (Quite expensive too, bill was 1,073,800 rupiah omg will I be haunted by zeros and rupiahs in my dreams tonight)

7) Displayed magnificent command of Bahasa Indonesian when going for dinner round two at the street food stalls near my hotel. I have used up whatever Bahasa I know in a simple ordering of food. I only left ‘Selamat Datang’ haven’t say only.

Jetting off soon!

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Flying to Jakarta in about 8 hours time!

Have not start packing my luggage, it’s actually just gonna be a short 3 days getaway trip. Very excited about the food! INDONESIAN FOOD SLURP SLURP!



Wanna pack lightly for my flight later but when I look at the empty luggage I just felt very obliged to fill it all up with useless things. O.O

Happy Birthday to ME!

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Actually my birthday is already over by 4 hours (April 15)

but still Happy 22th Birthday to myself! 


Poor imitation of Rose from Titanic

I forgot to jio Jack. Paiseh.

Visit to Okunoin at Koyasan

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27 March was my last day in Tokyo.

And that day also marks the end of my Tokyo city life before I took the morning flight to Osaka. I have a few places in mind that I want to visit, but decided that I should go to the one that I wanted to go to the most for this entire trip, which was Okunoin at Koyasan.

People asked me "Okunoin? What do they have there?"

Well...they have souls. Countless souls. Okunoin is the largest cemetery in Japan.


Entrance to Okunoin


"Okunoin is the site of the mausoleum of Kobo Daishi (also known as Kukai), the founder of Shingon Buddhism and one of the most revered persons in the religious history of Japan. Instead of having died, Kobo Daishi is believed to rest in eternal meditation as he awaits Miroku Nyorai (Maihreya), the Buddha of the Future, and provides relief to those who ask for salvation in the meantime. Okunoin is one of the most sacred places in Japan and a popular pilgrimage spot.

The Ichinohashi Bridge (first bridge) marks the traditional entrance to Okunoin, and visitors should bow to pay respect to Kobo Daishi before crossing it. Across the bridge starts Okunoin's cemetery, the largest in Japan, with over 200,000 tombstones lining the almost two kilometer long approach to Kobo Daishi's mausoleum. Wishing to be close to Kobo Daishi in death to receive salvation, many people, including prominent monks and feudal lords, have had their tombstones erected here over the centuries."

(Source from here)

I recommend reading the source first for a brief understanding of Okunoin. 

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How Japan life was like in a nutshell

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Today's my 5th day since I came back to Singapore!

If there's anything particular I want to say or comment on ever since I came back, it would be the heat.

Is 32 degrees even fit for humans...

I used to think the same when I was in Japan throughout the entire winter period and the lowest it gets was around -4 degrees at night. I turn into human ice cube at night if I don't turn on the heater to sleep, which I sometimes do it because I want to save electricity bills (but the bills just get higher every month anyways >_>), then I wake up in the morning to defrost myself, but I'll take about 30 minutes at least to try to get off the bed because it was so cold that flipping away the blanket takes a lot of determination.

Everyday was a battle.


I didn't put on makeup in Japan at all so when I met up with friends a couple days ago I forgot how to draw my face LOL







This is going to be a very wordy post of my experiences and feelings about my life here in Japan.


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Day 2 of being back.

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Did a few errands today!



1) Finally went down to DBS today to cancel my card that was involved in fraud transactions since last December. That bugger used my card again 2 days ago ಠ_ಠ Well, hope I get my monies back after investigations.

2) Collected my diploma after being away for so long! Business modules were nightmares to me (for eg: Econs) but glad I still managed to do okay for everything. ^q^

3) My diploma was partially subsidized by NTUC, and I realised they credited my bank account with money when I went to cancel my card today. I don’t really know why, maybe because of my results are quite okay? O.O Or they made a mistake, or the money wasn’t from them. (I’m only affiliated with NTUC because of my diploma though?)

In any case, today’s a good day! Except the unpacking luggage part.

After being overseas for months

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Hi Singapore.